The Suffolk Punch Story

In 2014 we were asked by friends if our beautiful Shetland Pony could attend their wedding as a ‘Champagne Pony’ to distribute champagne to the guests during the drinks reception.

We were delighted to be able to do so, and set about designing her attire. My father – a willow worker produced the beautiful baskets that she carries the champagne in. We spent days cleaning her, the tack, and platting her mane and tail before on the morning flowers were put in as well.

The Champagne Pony was the star attraction during the drinks reception, and was a great focus for people, and feature for photographs.


She was such a superstar that we were asked to attend a second wedding in 2015. At both weddings the relaxed drinks receptions were truly amazing. Both were in beautiful old Suffolk buildings – neither of which had a bar. This was how our idea of a mobile bar, using the rustic pony trailer came about – as the perfect accompaniment to our ‘champagne pony’.

We have worked hard on the trailer during 2016 with some additional local input ; our Farrier Wayne providing the horseshoes, which we then spent days cleaning, before painting and styling our decorations. We have re sealed the trailer, reworked the hitch, brakes etc and set it up internally with wine chillers, sink etc 


We have then sourced excellent quality drinks, locally produced where possible to serve at any occasion.

The Suffolk Punch is predominantly a Prosecco bar, however we also stock IPA, Adnams, Aspals, and soft drinks. We can also be flexible to your own needs so please contact us for options.